Public Health Skills and Knowledge Framework (PHSKF)

The revised Public Health Skills and Knowledge framework aims to reflect the current public health landscape, ensuring the public health workforce continues to develop the skills and competencies needed both now and in future.

The new framework contains a set of high level functions that the public health workforce carry out covering the full range of what people ‘do’ in public health

All the PHSKF documents are available here: Public Health Skills and Knowledge Framework, including a user guide, which provides some early examples of how the Framework can be used by individuals who are part of the core workforce; those who are part of the wider workforce such as Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and other groups such as education and training providers and employers.

Who can use this?

You can use the PHSKF if you’re an:

• individual worker
• employer
• education or training provider

You can use the PHSKF to:

• map your current areas of work and skills
• identify areas for career development to support appraisals
• create job descriptions
• plan the skills you need for your teams or services
• review and develop training courses and education qualifications
• support the tender bidding process

Supporting Personal Development

You can use the PHSKF to support your appraisal by including a self-assessment against the framework as part of your career conversations with your line manager.

Use the PHSKF self-assessment tool Excel spreadsheet to identify the skills you want to develop.

Supporting Others

Supervisors, mentors and managers can use the PHSKF to support others in their personal development and career planning in public health.

Access the PHSKF tool for line managers.

You can find more information on how to use the PHSKF in this user guide