The South West ADPH is facilitating a programme of work to develop a Sector-led Improvement approach. This is being supported by Public Health England South West.

The role of the ADPH SW:

The SW ADPH network is responsible for overseeing the development of SLI activity across the South West region. Each network has a director of public health SLI lead who is responsible for coordinating annual regional SLI plans and reporting progress to the national ADPH SLI board.

South West SLI lead: Sara Blackmore (DPH South Gloucestershire)

South West SLI coordinator: Tim Collicott

SW ADPH SLI Action Plan 2021/2022:

4 key priorities •12 key objectives •24 outputs

The proposed plan is based on an approach which provides flexibility as we continue to support C-19 response, by:

  • Building on the good work from the previous ADPH SW SLI plan (2019);
  • Badging existing ADPH SW and LAs PH Quality Improvement work under the SLI ‘umbrella’  – if you’re doing QI you’re doing SLI;
  • Incorporating current regional priorities into our SLI approach

This action plan does not list nor describe all the actions or activities happening across the region with regards to SLI. After all, Sector-led improvement is not an activity in itself. It is based on the principle that the local government sector is responsible for its own improvement, including managing the risk of underperformance, and takes a collective responsibility towards that – and the approach to this is peer-led support. This is in place of an inspection regime.

Want to know more about SLI in the South West region?

Please contact the SW SLI coordinator for further information: Timothy.Collicott@phe.gov.uk