Sector-Led Improvement

What is Sector-Led Improvement?

Sector-led improvement (SLI) is the approach to improvement put in place by local authorities and the LGA alongside the abolition of the previous national performance framework.

The transfer of public health responsibilities in 2013 brought public health services into the established local government SLI regime.

Sector-led improvement is based on a culture of collaborative working, sharing good practice, constructive challenge and learning. The Public Health SLI programme is based on the principles set out in the LGA document “Taking the Lead”, which states that:

  • Councils are responsible for their own performance and improvement and for leading the delivery of improved outcomes for local people in their areas.
  • Councils are primarily accountable to local communities (not government or inspectorates) and stronger accountability through increased transparency helps local people drive further improvement.
  • Councils have a collective responsibility for the performance of the sector as a whole. 
  • The role of the LGA is to maintain an overview of the performance of the sector in order to identify potential performance challenges and opportunities and to provide tools and support to help councils take advantage of this new approach.

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