Transforming the public health system: reforming the public health system for the challenges of our times

ADPH SW responds to the DHSC policy paper

SW Directors of Public Health provided feedback to the following questions:

  • Question 1: How can we strengthen the local authority and Director of Public Health role in addressing the full range of issues that affect the health of local populations?
  • Question 2: How do we ensure that future arrangements encourage effective collaboration between national, regional and local actors across the system?
  • Question 3: What additional arrangements might be needed to ensure that regionally focussed public health teams best meet the needs of local government and local NHS partners?

Toolkit for Implementing Quality in Public Health: A Shared Responsibility

The Quality in Public Health toolkit is a spreadsheet designed for use principally by public health teams within local government in England as an aid to the implementation of Quality in Public Health: A Shared Responsibility and as a part of sector led improvement

Click on the link below to download the toolkit, a short guide for its use and a document setting out how quality work fits together. For any queries please contact