ADPH South West

The Association of Directors of Public Health South West (ADPH SW) is a network for all Directors of Public Health across the South West region.

ADPH SW purpose:

  1. To support each other to be effective Directors of Public Health (DsPH).
  2. To work together to have greater regional and national impact than we can as individuals.
  3. To identify and oversee a collective budget.
  4. Link effectively with key stakeholders including Public Health England (PHE), Local Government Association (LGA), and Health Education England South West.

Activities to include but not limited to:

  1. Peer support.
  2. Peer learning.
  3. Being effective for our communities.
  4. To have a regional and national voice.
  5. Collaborative working.
  6. Responsible for developing and locally implementing a Sector Lead Improvement approach and implementing SLI action plan.
  7. Periodically report to ADPH on SLI and regional update.