Smoking cessation

Aim: The London Smoking Cessation Transformation Programme (LSCTP) was established in 2016 as a London wide platform with the aim of raising awareness and giving Londoners who smoke more support options as they embark on their stop smoking journey.  

LSCTP phase 1: In the summer of 2017, the Programme launched “phase 1”, using ‘Stop Smoking London’ as its public facing identity.

Phase 1 was based on an evidence review of city wide approaches to smoking cessation as well as Professor Robert West’s conceptual framework of Stop Smoking+ which recognises that although face to face support with pharmacotherapy is the most effective method to help smokers quit, at a population level only a small percentage will seek this specialist support with the majority choosing to go it alone.

On completion of phase 1, an external review provided a rationale and strong evidence base for developing a city wide approach that offers a range of support options around the needs, preferences and individual lifestyles of smokers in London.

Find out more information about the LSCTP journey and ambition.

LSCTP today: In 2019/20 the LSCTP priorities reflect our vision to increase the number of smoking quit attempts across the capital with a long term view of a smoke free London.

Stop Smoking London services: Stop Smoking London remains the public facing identity of the Programme and has three core components:

  1. A London wide marketing and communications campaign, designed to encourage London Smokers to engage with both local and regional support in order to set a quit date and start their supported stop smoking journey.
  2. The Stop Smoking London website, directs people in to local services, self-help resources or telephone support. It also includes the option to request a call back from local Stop Smoking Services.
  3. Stop Smoking London helpline – 0300 123 1044. Callers (including pregnant smokers) speak to an advisors, who talks through the various options and helps decide what might work best for the caller. If eligible callers are offered the opportunity to be called back by a specialist advisor offering regular one-to-one stop smoking support and encouragement over the phone at a time that suits the caller over their 28 day quit journey. 

Stop Smoking London helpline: 0300 123 1044

Stop Smoking London website:

LSCTP contact e-mail:

Follow us on Twitter: @StopSmokingLon

Stop Smoking London Marketing and Advertising Campaign

Amazing Things Happen Campaign

The Amazing Things Happen campaign was launched in November 2018, specifically targeted at London smokers aged 25 – 40 years old, the largest smoking population in the UK.

The campaign was designed following a piece of insight which looked into the habits and motivations of London’s smoking population.

The eye-catching materials direct smokers to the Stop Smoking London website and helpline, where they will be signposted into local and regional support.

The latest Amazing Things Happen campaign resource packs can be downloaded below:

Our catalogue of Amazing Things Happen campaign resources for local use can be found here.

Smoking in Pregnancy Resources

Professionally trained advisors can now give free, confidential advice to mums-to-be in London when they call 0300 123 1044. And those who want to can also enroll on a 28-day motivational quit programme over the phone.

Following discussions with London boroughs participating in the Programme and midwifery teams we’ve now developed a selection of print and digital materials to support London’s pregnant smokers and their families.

All Smoking in Pregnancy resources can be found here on our new resources page.

Questions about the campaign resources or partnering with Stop Smoking London? 

If you have any questions about using the Stop Smoking London campaign kits, or you would like to partner with Stop Smoking London and use our logo, please contact

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Rapid Review of Channel Shift in SSS – 2016  – This rapid review, undertaken in 2016, explores alternative channels of delivering stop smoking services (telephone, online and via digital apps) and specifically examines the evidence of effectiveness and cost effectiveness of these alternative delivery channels.

Smoking Cessation & Tobacco Poster In the summer of 2016 ADPH London created a poster presentation for the PHE Public Health Conference on ADPH London’s Sector Led improvement Programme in relation to Smoking Cessation and Tobacco Control.

The poster gives a snapshot of the project tasks, outcomes and the next steps for London.