Public service reform and systems transformation

AIM: To support DsPH to meet their local responsibilities in the context of reduced resources, changes to council funding through business rates retention, system transformation in the form of devolution and STPs

This workstream brings together interrelated issues of health & care devolution in London,  sustainability and transformation planning and finance. There are also strong links to the prevention and early intervention agenda, including the new London Prevention Partnership Board.

Our current objectives are to:

  • Continue to advocate for a needs based approach to public health funding in London
  • Review the impact of the Future Drivers of the Health of Londoners project and agree next steps
  • Identify opportunities for shared learning on how prevention is delivered as part of STPs, including the narrative around savings.
  • Support local boroughs by developing the capacity of the Healthcare Public Health borough Consultant network

Tools and Resources

ADPH London response to the government’s consultation on the proposal to allow local government to retain 100% of the business rates they raise locally, Sept 2016

‘Don’t be left in the dark: What localised business rates mean for your council’ – LGA guide to business rates retention, June 2016

‘Don’t be left in the dark: Devolution questions answered’ – LGA guide to what devolution is and why it is important, June 2016