Air quality

AIM: To provide strategic leadership and advocacy at a London and national level for addressing the negative impacts of air pollution on Londoners’ health and environment

The Association of Directors of Public Health London (ADPH London) and The London Directors’ Environment Network (LEDNet) prepared a joint position statement in September 2019, setting out how councils and their partners should respond to the challenges of air pollution, including six priority recommendations for priority action. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact this is having on air quality is being widely researched, as well as the association between air pollution and COVID-19 infection. As we engage with partners during the pandemic on the lessons learnt and recovery planning, we will look to refresh this joint position statement to reflect the impact COVID-19 pandemic.

You can download the position here.

You can download the executive summary here.

You can view the video here:

This is the LEDNet page for reference:

For more information on the work that LEDNet and other local government, environmental and research organisations have done in developing a blueprint on how the government can accelerate climate action and green recovery from coronavirus at a local level, follow this link here.