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Award for London Smoking Cessation Transformation Programme (LSCTP)

The Stop Smoking London “Amazing Things Happen” campaign was awarded Bronze at the LG Comms Excellence Awards on Tuesday 5th November. A judging panel from LG Comms, the Local Government Association and Government Communication Service – reviewed more than 80 campaign entries and shortlisted us amongst 20 other winners. The judges said that this was “an extremely well executed campaign with some excellent graphics, messages and digital assets”.

The campaign was developed for the London Smoking Cessation Transformation Programme (LSCTP), commissioned by the London Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH London), to direct Londoners to the Stop Smoking London offer and increase uptake of local and regional services. It was designed upon research commissioned by the Programme which looked into the values and motivations of London smokers. This insight informed all aspects of the campaign – from the design and messaging, to the channel choices and timing. This has led to some fantastic outcomes – the click-through-rate from the digital adverts to the website was 0.29% – double that of the previous year.

An ongoing series of national monthly surveys of smoking and quitting, conducted by the UCL, has found that the implementation of the Stop Smoking London programme was linked to a 10% increase in the quit attempt rate in the first year of its operation from 2017-18. And that this increase was sustained in 2018-19. This increase has largely been attributed to the media campaign. An increase of this size would be expected to result in an additional 3,000 or so quit attempt in 2018-19.

Somen Banerjee, Director of Public Health, London Borough of Tower Hamlets & London Association of Directors of Public Health Lead for Smoking Cessation and Tobacco Control said “We are delighted by the fantastic recognition of the Amazing Things Happen campaign and how well and thoughtfully it has been executed. The partnership approach taken by Directors of Public Health in London facilitated by ADPH London has been critical to our success in developing this campaign and making inroads with London’s smoking population.”

Award for London Sexual Health Transformation Programme

London Sexual Health Transformation Programme wins industry award

A unique partnership of 27 London councils has received a prestigious award from the Municipal Journal (MJ) for ‘Reinventing Public Services’.

The London Sexual Health Transformation Programme is a collaboration of 27 London boroughs working together to transform the way sexual health services are provided in the capital. They have engaged with patients, clinicians, politicians and commissioners to modernise sexual health services across London.

This has involved developing a new e-service, updating the way local face-to-face services are delivered, agreeing a new clinical specification to ensure best practice and changing the way services are paid for to better reflect the cost of the care being provided.

The online service will allow patients to access information online and register to receive self-sampling kits, reducing the need to attend clinics.   An easy-to-use website will guide people through a risk-assessment process to identify the most clinically appropriate tests for their individual needs. A self-sampling kit will then be posted to them which they can complete in the privacy of their own home, before sealing it and dropping it off at a post box.

Mike Cooke, Chief Executive of Camden and chair of the Transformation Programme said: “Lots of people have worked very hard to deliver this programme and we are all extremely pleased to have won this prestigious award.  This is an excellent example of what local authorities can achieve when we work together.  It is an important step forward as we develop sexual health services across London.  27 boroughs have worked together with clinicians and patients to ensure that we can deliver the best outcomes possible.”

170619 MJ award pic FINAL 

Above: The award is presented by Joanna Lumley to representatives of the programme.  From left to right: Joanna Lumley, Anna Bryden, Jonathan O’Sullivan, Melanie Smith, Gaynor Driscoll, Jan Clark, Mary Cleary Lyons, Mike Cooke, Simon Reid, Ruth Hutt, Laura McGillivray, Adrian Kelly.