London HIV Prevention Programme launches “Do it with a condom” campaign

On 2 January 2017, the London HIV Prevention Programme (LHPP) launched another new campaign – the fourth in just 18 months –focusing on safer sex and condom use. Called “Do it with a condom”, it builds on a successful summer drive promoting HIV testing across London and uses the evidence gathered during evaluation of that campaign in relation to key drivers of behaviour change among our most vulnerable populations.

The new campaign reminds Londoners that, whilst testing is crucial, condoms still play a critical role in providing protection against rising sexually transmitted infections. Between 2011 and 2015, gonorrhoea diagnoses rose by 123% in London (210% among men who have sex with men (MSM)); syphilis went up by 103% in the same period (123% among MSM). Evidence shows that condomless sex is a major factor in sharp rises of all STIs, which is why the LHPP is broadening its scope to focus on this related issue.

The new campaign expands previous advertising to 30 different channels to communicate core messages to our audiences. These range from several digital methods to out of home advertising on London’s transport network, including:

• An updated  website, with information on sexual health and signposting to a sexual health clinic finder
• @DoItLDN (our Twitter account)
• DoItLDN (our Facebook page)
• Out of home advertising across tubes, tube stations, buses and phone kiosks
• Advertising in bars and clubs in London
• Print media advertising and editorial
• Radio advertising and editorial through a partnership with a leading station
• Pay-per-click advertising via Google Search
• Digital, mobile and tablet advertising across websites used by our target groups – men who have sex with men and London’s African communities.