East of England Population Health Research Hub

COVID-19: Our Hub Actions

To support our public health colleagues in their responses to COVID-19, and to help optimise the communication and dissemination of relevant research within the region, the East of England Population Population Health Research Hub is committed to:

  • CONTINUITY: We will continue our work on establishing the frameworks to communicate key information and public health assets within the region.
  • MAPPING CAPACITY AND SKILLS: the Hub has undertaken a rapid assessment of the academic public health skills and capacity available within the region to support COVID-19 responses. Learn more about this mapping, and how to offer your support.
  • FACILITATING ENGAGEMENT: between public health practitioners and academics on key issues faced to support decision making, the application of interventions and ongoing evaluations.
  • COMMUNICATING RESEARCH: We are working with our partners to collate and disseminate the information about upcoming and ongoing COVID-19 related research. Find out about the COVID-19 research happening within the East of England.
  • HOSTING EVENTS: We are hosting a series of online events to share this information and knowledge. Find out about our latest events.

We hope this will add value to the work our public health colleagues are doing. Please get in touch with us on any requests that could be supported by Hub research or evidence.