East of England Population Health Research Hub

About Us

The East of England Population Health Research Hub is a collaborative network which aims to inform, co-design, understand and apply responsive public health research and evaluation to address population health challenges and inequalities.

Our aims:

The Hub aims to provide:

  • A NETWORK: by bringing practitioners and researchers together for meaningful engagement and understanding of regional priorities and research approaches
  • A KNOWLEDGE HUB: to map and provide a greater connection between public health assets and challenges within the region
  • COMMUNICATION: through channels and forums to effectively share regional research, to facilitate collaboration, and to translate research into local contexts
  • CAPACITY BUILDING: by building bi-directional knowledge, integration and capacity of research and practice across the region, and to provide workshops to build evaluation skills within the region and demonstrate impact of local public health approaches
  • RESEARCH STRATEGY: to develop a regional strategic framework to inform public health research within the East of England, and identify opportunities to support co-designed research partnerships which responds to current and emerging public health issues.

What is the Hub and what does it do?

Download our two-page summary which provides an overview of what the Hub is and does, and our current resources available.

Public Health Research in the East of England

Download our mapping of academic public health research expertise and structures in the East of England region (last updated March 2020).

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