Smoking cessation

AIM: The London Smoking Cessation Transformation Programme (LSCTP) was established as a collaborative across London local authorities in 2016.

At its outset, the Programme aim was to support London boroughs to transform and improve the way their residents accessed stop smoking support, with the potential to deliver savings to participating local authorities and improved outcomes for their residents.

The scope of the Programme was to seek to offer boroughs innovative service options in alternative channels (digital, online, telephone) and which could be delivered once across London, to complement locally-determined services such as face to face models.

The Programme presented an opportunity to learn together at scale and pace what works, and to jointly commission where it made sense to do so.

PHASE 1: To meet the Programme aim, a pilot (phase 1) marketing and communications campaign to direct smokers to a London wide Stop Smoking helpline ran from May 2017- March 2018. In the summer of 2017 the Programme agreed to work alongside Professor Robert West and utilise an existing ‘Stop Smoking London Portal’.

A phased implementation of a public facing marketing and advertising campaign launched in September 2017. This included radio, public realm and online advertising of both the web Portal and helpline and utilised existing national campaign opportunities, including Stoptober and No Smoking Day.

The pilot (phase 1) completed on time and as planned in March 2018.  At this time, the LSCTP Board commissioned an independent review to evaluate the pilot.

PHASE 2: The results of the review have allowed the LSCTP to identify opportunities to build on and strengthen current work to achieve the aim of improving access and uptake of Stop Smoking Services across London.

In light of the review our current objectives are to:

  1. Remain focused on reducing the prevalence of smoking in London.
  2. Continue to improve public awareness, access to and therefore uptake of all Stop Smoking Services.
  3. Continue to build upon the Programme’s asset base and innovate services, creating greater synergy between regional and local Stop Smoking Services.
  4. Develop and provide an evidence based Stop Smoking London Service reflecting the needs and lifestyles of London smokers.
  5. Create a Stop Smoking social movement across London that supports smokers to quit permanently.

Phase 2 -Stop Smoking London Website

We’ve created a new Stop Smoking London website that gives people a range of tools they can use via their phone. We’re also exploring ways to build on this further to make it a real asset for Londoners.

Phase 2 -Stop Smoking London Marketing and Advertising Campaign

Amazing Things Happen Campaign

This campaign, which will run continuously up until 31st March 2019, is specifically targeted at London smokers aged 25 – 40 years old, the largest smoking population in the UK. The campaign is designed to encourage London Smokers to engage with both local and regional support in order to set a quit date and start their supported stop smoking journey.

The campaign media pack includes all the text and links to images and posters you can use to support our latest campaign ‘Amazing Things Happen’. You can also select from the individual downloads below:

No Smoking Day & March Campaign 2019 Update

To support National No Smoking Day on Wednesday 13th March we’ve created a small campaign pack. Here you’ll find a blog post template as well as a social media image and poster that references the date as a prime opportunity to quit smoking.

This latest refresh of campaign materials also includes a couple of new images to download. Download the March 2019 campaign pack

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Questions about the campaign resources or partnering with Stop Smoking London? 

If you have any questions about using the Amazing Things Happen campaign kit, or you would like to partner with Stop Smoking London and use our logo, please contact

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Useful links

E-cigarettes: a developing public health consensus. Joint statement on e-cigarettes by Public Health England and other UK public health organisations


Rapid Review of Channel Shift in SSS – 2016  – This rapid review, undertaken in 2016, explores alternative channels of delivering stop smoking services (telephone, online and via digital apps) and specifically examines the evidence of effectiveness and cost effectiveness of these alternative delivery channels.

Smoking Cessation & Tobacco Poster In the summer of 2016 ADPH London created a poster presentation for the PHE Public Health Conference on ADPH London’s Sector Led improvement Programme in relation to Smoking Cessation and Tobacco Control.

The poster gives a snapshot of the project tasks, outcomes and the next steps for London.

Campaign archive

Phase 1 campaign pack

New Year’s media pack